What is SQL?

SQL meaning and actions
SQL meaning and actions

SQL – stands for Structured Query Language

SQL is used to manage relational databases.

Some of the actions that you can perform on a table inside a database using SQL include:

  • INSERT (adding a new record)
  • DELETE (deleting an existing record)
  • UPDATE (updating an existing record)
  • MODIFY (updating an existing record or adding a new one if it doesn’t exist)

DB, Table & Record – Example

If we compare a database with a drawer unit, each drawer represents a table and each file inside that drawer represents a record. Each record has fields that correspond to the columns of the table that contain that record.

DB, table and record real-life example. DB compared to a drawer unit. Table compared to a drawer. Record compared to a file.
DB, table and record real-life example


  • Database: ITCompanyDB
  • Tables: Customers, Suppliers, Inventory
  • Record:
    • Customer record: John Doe (name), 30 (age), Programmer (profession)
    • Supplier record: ElectronicDevicesCo. (supplier name), New York (city)
    • Inventory record: Monitor (type), Dell (brand), 500 (acquisition price)

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